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Elderly home care is very much a people business and families strive for the best quality of care for their loved ones. Home care agencies that operate on local authority rates may not be able to employ the quality of staff they desire.

Apart from rare horror stories heard in the media, more common complaints about low paid unqualified home care services often relate to the quality of service, lack of qualifications, knowledge and experience.

Other areas for concern may include communication problems with English language, working a fraction of the allotted time, general attitude, turning up late or failing to turn up at all.

Qualified, experienced and dependable home health care personnel enjoy better rates of pay and this is reflected in the home care service provider’s costs of high quality personal, elderly home care solutions.

Dental Care

We use the services of professional dentists from Eclipse Dental Care - see http://wwww.finestdental.co.uk/treatments to look after the teeth, gums and general dental hygiene of all our residents, to avoid them having to worry about finding a dentist and to protect them from tooth decay and other oral decay


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With an ageing population and an increasing load on an already over-worked national health service, care for the elderly is a growing concern in the UK. Below are just some of the problems that many individuals and families are now facing.

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"I am come to calm your fears: I am come to console you in the absence of bright days, and to reassure you of their return.”"When cure is no longer possible, care is..."

Care for the Elderly ...


There is a common misbelief that a hospice is where everyone goes to die. That is not true. The average stay in a hospice is twelve to fourteen days, after which many patients return home.


NAHF What Is A Hospice

The hospice is not just a place where people come to die. Many go back home again; many carers are glad of the respite to re-charge their batteries and re-kindle their commitment to those they love. see Funding Care for the Elderly