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The Costs of care for the elderly

The Costs
The NHS can provide those in need with free elderly care, while hospices are charity organisations that provide another vital service. The financial and legal aspects of private servcies go hand in hand with the quality of personal care and are a very important consideration for those able afford this route because they have enough savings or own their own home. Quality elderly care is usually payable for life. It is also essential to plan ahead for rising home care costs due to increased needs, possibly culminating in full time elderly nursing care at home or residential nursing home care.

Planning to Pay for Elderly Care  Money and Business
Residential senior's care in Surrey BC. Private and government funded.

Hospice Care - "When cure is no longer possible, care is..."

With an ageing population and an increasing load on an already over-worked national health service, care for the elderly is a growing concern in the UK. Below are just some of the problems that many individuals and families are now facing.

  • social services care for the elderly

  • free home care for the elderly

  • paying for residential care for the elderly

  • nhs care for the elderly

  • free personal care for the elderly

  • health care for the elderly

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"I am come to calm your fears: I am come to console you in the absence of bright days, and to reassure you of their return.”"When cure is no longer possible, care is..."

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There is a common misbelief that a hospice is where everyone goes to die. That is not true. The average stay in a hospice is twelve to fourteen days, after which many patients return home.


NAHF What Is A Hospice

The hospice is not just a place where people come to die. Many go back home again; many carers are glad of the respite to re-charge their batteries and re-kindle their commitment to those they love. see Funding Care for the Elderly