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What are your options?
There are a range of options, with a range of benefits. Home care, NHS provisions, residential care, hospices - throw into the midst of this most emotive of subjects the issue of cost too, and it is no wonder many feel a sense of foreboding at tackling the issue, and a fear of making the wrong choice.

The correct option for you depends upon your circumstances and the form of care required. If ony a few hours help a day are required then care at home is an option. Live-in care is also an option, however, it may well work out cheaper to arrange for a residential nursing home. Furthermore, there are numerous excellent hospices around the country that do sterling work for those most in need.
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Hospice Care - "When cure is no longer possible, care is..."

With an ageing population and an increasing load on an already over-worked national health service, care for the elderly is a growing concern in the UK. Below are just some of the problems that many individuals and families are now facing.

  • social services care for the elderly

  • free home care for the elderly

  • paying for residential care for the elderly

  • nhs care for the elderly

  • free personal care for the elderly

  • health care for the elderly

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"I am come to calm your fears: I am come to console you in the absence of bright days, and to reassure you of their return.”"When cure is no longer possible, care is..."

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There is a common misbelief that a hospice is where everyone goes to die. That is not true. The average stay in a hospice is twelve to fourteen days, after which many patients return home.


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The hospice is not just a place where people come to die. Many go back home again; many carers are glad of the respite to re-charge their batteries and re-kindle their commitment to those they love. see Funding Care for the Elderly